Opening early 2023

A safe haven for
generational wealth

  • 180,000 sqft secure vaulting, work & event-spaces
  • Built for precious metals, luxury, art & digital assets
  • A project by Silver Bullion

Over 15,500 tonnes of secure storage capacity

The world’s highest capacity vault. Built around transparency by design.
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alternative asset services

  • Authentication

    Of precious and rare metals, luxury timepieces and other assets providing trust and transparency.

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  • Digitization

    Proof of Reserve oracle services, fungible and non-fungible tokenization of physical assets.

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  • Collateralization

    Custodian and escrow services between lenders and sellers enabling safe, low interest loans against borrowers assets.

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Premium meeting and event spaces

Serviced and rental offices for wealth management, FinTech and asset logistics available.
All with built-in security and access to bonded specialty vaulting.

High-security safekeeping for your valuables

12,500 safe deposit boxes,
10 gold and art vaults for lease.

We build these facilities to safeguard your and your future generations wealth in good times and in bad times when extreme uncertainty threatens our financial systems’ solvency and currencies lose their value.