Borne out of the 2008 financial crisis

Silver Bullion retail store at Millenia Walk

Silver Bullion, the company behind The Reserve, was founded in Singapore as a response to the great financial crisis. Its vision was to build the safest place for precious metals, primarily gold and silver, to help its customers protect against the dire consequences of such events by reasoning from first principles.


First silver bar arrived in Singapore

Silver Bullion founder Gregor Gregersen got his first silver delivered to Singapore through the newly established, GST registered private limited entity.

Silver Bullion website

S.T.A.R Storage established

S.T.A.R Storage was established with storage being outsourced, resulting in sub-optimal Force Majeure and Insurance which we aimed to remedy.

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The Safe House SG establishment

Silver Bullion launched their own vaulting operations and vault management system, eliminating foreign sovereign risk by fully insourcing vault processes.

The Safe House Website

Launch of secured liquidity loan platform

The platform enables reliable income and liquidity options via online peer-to-peer loans backed by the borrowers precious metal assets.

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Started building the world’s largest capacity vault

Acquisition of a 180,000 sqft facility which will become the world’s largest capacity vault at over 15,500 tonnes capacity to further reduce counter-party risks and leverage economies of scale.

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