Gold and silver bars and coins
Serviced assets

Tailor-made for the precious and rare

Precious & rare metals

Precious metals, such as gold and silver, have been the foundation of currencies for over 5,000 years and remain the quintessential safe haven asset class in times of uncertainty, crises, and conflicts. The Reserve is built to securely and cost-effectively store large amounts of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium under exclusive Singapore jurisdiction.

Rare industrial metals, such as indium and germanium, have become too valuable for traditional warehouses but remain too bulky for gold vaults. Recent insurance restrictions for storing such metals, usually valued between $150 and $3,000 USD per kilo, in traditional warehouses and a general shortage of secure bulk storage capacity means that the Reserve’s 15,000 ton bonded (tax free) capacity is well timed. These metals will also benefit from innovative collateralization and digitization service options.

Watches & art

Luxury timepieces are valuable physical assets traded in thriving secondary markets. The Reserve will host a highly skilled watch atelier that can reliably authenticate and maintain high value watches and store them in a specialized, bonded, tax free, vault. Owners can then collateralize their timepieces to obtain low interest loans and will eventually be able to digitize their timepiece as physical asset linked NFTs.

Art and collectibles are increasingly valuable, but illiquid physical assets. The Reserve will host the GramChain Asset Tracking Development team to bring better audit, authentication, and valuation transparency to these assets and is exploring collaboration with international auction houses. The Reserve’s environmental controls, security, insurance, catering and bonded (tax free) status make it well suited, in collaboration with partners, to provide storage, authentication, liquidity and digitization services for these assets.