Construction Progress

Silver Vault's Racks Are Installed And Ready to Store Bullion

April 2024

The racks to store silver bullion bars and coins have been installed in The Reserve's main silver vault. Once the building's Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) is granted, The Safe House vault will take over the premises and begin storing silver bars and coins on these racks.

In the video below, Silver Bullion's CEO Gregor Gregersen took a ride in a scissors lift to the top of the 12-meter racks for a view of the completed installation.

The Dual-Purpose Eco-Conscious Design of The Reserve's Facade

March 2024

The Reserve, Silver Bullion's soon-to-be-completed headquarters, boasts a facade of onyx panels distinguished by their unique grain patterns. Beyond aesthetic appeal, these panels serve a dual purpose as part of the building's eco-conscious design.

By day, they permit natural light to penetrate the building's interior, diminishing the reliance on artificial lighting and thereby reducing energy consumption. Simultaneously, the facade acts as a barrier against solar heat, effectively mitigating the need for excessive cooling measures.

The Reserve's onyx facade

The Reserve's onyx facade

The Reserve's onyx facade

The Reserve's Facade Lighting Test at Night

February 2024

The Reserve's onyx facade lighting undergoes rigorous testing in the evening. Its golden glow accentuates the onyx grains, making The Reserve a truly iconic building.

The Reserve's onyx facade at night

The Reserve's onyx facade at night

The Reserve's onyx facade at night

An Early Glimpse of The Safe House's Silver Vault

January 2024

When fully completed, this cavernous vault, to be operated by The Safe House, will have one of the largest capacities in the world to store silver bars and coins in the safe jurisdiction of Singapore!

Towards a Sustainable Future: Solar Panels Installed on the Rooftop

January 2024

Our latest rooftop transformation is harnessing the power of the sun to light up a sustainable future. The solar panels are a testament to our unwavering dedication to a greener, more sustainable world!

The Iconic Silver Vault Is Close To The Finish Line

December 2023

The silver vault is close to the finish line, with the walls, lights, and ceiling fully in place. The warm glow of the lights creates a lavish and dreamlike atmosphere in the spacious vault, guaranteeing that anyone who steps inside will be truly amazed.

The silver vault will be fully complete once the rackings have been installed.

Iconic Shield Logo Graces the Silver Vault Wall

December 2023

Behold the spectacular sight of our iconic shield logo gracing the wall panel of the massive silver vault. The logo is bound to make an indelible impression on visitors from the moment they enter the vault. It's not just a logo. This larger-than-life emblem stands tall as a symbol of our unwavering commitment to protecting our client's wealth.

Silver Bullion Logo on Vault Panel

The shield logo reflects beautifully off the reflective surface of the ceiling, providing a stunning visual of the silver vault once fully completed.

Lobby Entrance Continues To Take Shape

December 2023

The Reserve's grand entrance continues to ramp up its work. Steel plates are now fitted onto the metal frame structure. The cylindrical glass doors are also being installed.

The space between the onyx facade and the interiors of the building, also known as a catwalk, is coming together beautifully.

Video Documentary

December 2023

Building the World's Highest Capacity Vault is a video series chronicling the journeys of the people behind the construction of The Reserve.

In Episode 5, construction of The Reserve begins as the world reopens borders and the pandemic comes to an end. However, Gregor and his team encounter challenges in the post-pandemic environment that impact The Reserve's construction and find ways to get the construction on track.

Class II Vault Door and Glass Panels Installed

November 2023

The vault door for the silver vault has been successfully installed. This door will greet visitors as they enter the massive silver vault area.

The glass panels where the offices are located have also been installed.

Iconic Silver Cliff Fully Installed

November 2023

Our silver vault has made some progress since October.

The iconic Silver Cliff has been fully installed!

One of the unique features of the silver vault is the Silver Cliff - a protruding ledge on the fifth floor overlooking the massive silver vault. Visitors standing on the Silver Cliff are sure to be treated to an amazing view while soaking in the vastness of the space before them.

In preparation for the placement of the shield logo, a decal has been positioned on the main vault panel. The render below shows how it'll look when completed.

Water Added To Iconic Skylight Feature and Main Entrance Updates

October 2023

One of the standout features of The Reserve is its beautiful skylight feature installed just above the spiral staircase. To give visitors a touch of ethereal experience climbing up the stairs, water has been added to reflect the sunlight beautifully across the area below it.

Water added to the skylight feature

The cylindrical frame where the main doors would be located has been fully installed.

Safe and Secure: Reinforcements Made To Vault Walls

October 2023

Works are progressing fast in the vault area. Metal plates (the white panels on the walls) have been layered on top of the steel wire structures to reinforce the vault walls. This means it will be incredibly difficult for the walls to be drilled through, giving assurance to clients who store their holdings in what would be one of the world's highest-capacity precious metals vaults!

More than 12,500 Safe Deposit Boxes To Be Installed

September 2023

The Reserve will cater 12,579 individual safe deposit boxes of various sizes for clients to store their valuables in. Works have been progressing very smoothly.

Iconic Facade: Architectural Renders Come To Life

September 2023

The Reserve's renovation has been picking up pace and is starting to look strikingly similar to the architectural renders.

The Reserve truly stands out in the dark. When lit up at night, the onyx facade glows a golden hue, flaunting its beautiful marble-like design, just like its renders. During the daytime, the reflective facade takes another form of life by changing its color according to the weather.

Here's a render of The Reserve for reference.

The Reserve night scene renders

Over the past few months, the workers have worked tirelessly to install every piece of the E3 aluminum panels for The Reserve's facade. The first image below shows the beginning stages of the E3 panels' installation, while the second and third image shows the completed look.

The Reserve E3 aluminium panels completedThe Reserve Facade

With the E3 aluminum panels lit up at night, The Reserve looks just as impressive as the renders.

Here's how beautiful The Reserve looks at night.

The Reserve At Night

Here's the render of The Reserve for reference.

The Reserve Render Back view

In The Making: One Of The World's Largest Capacity Vaults

September 2023

One of the highlights of The Reserve is its 32-meter high, 10,000-ton capacity silver vault. After completing the steel support structure, the installation of the wall panels that will make the silver vault is now in the works.

Silver Vault Wall PanelClose-Up of Silver Vault's Wall Panel

Second Update

One column of the silver vault's panels is almost complete. This picture shows just how massive the vault is in comparison to the men standing amidst its space.

Silver Vault Panels

Video Documentary

September 2023

Building the World's Highest Capacity Vault is a video series chronicling the journeys of the people behind the construction of The Reserve.

In Episode 4, Gregor Gregersen, Wesley Liew and Jessica Baczkowski, touch on some of the special design features that make The Reserve more environmentally sustainable, while sharing about the inspiration behind the iconic Silver Cliff.

It also introduces The Xcess, a high-end horology boutique which represents Silver Bullion’s first steps towards storing other high-value physical items. Michelle Gregersen (founder and CEO of The Xcess), and Bruce Wagner (COO of The Xcess) explain more about the unique services they offer for watch collectors, and share their thoughts on the Perpetual Vault, a unique watch vault designed just for The Reserve.

Iconic Skylight Feature and Main Entrance Frame Installed

September 2023

The front entrance of The Reserve is starting to take shape. When complete, visitors will be welcomed by a grand cylindrical entrance, where they will be greeted by our security guards and front desk service staff.

Main Entrance FrameThe Reserve Main Entrance

Here's what the entrance is expected to look like, as seen in the renders.

The Reserve Main Entrance Render

Our newly installed skylight feature will also have a stream of water running over it, casting beautiful reflections of sunlight across the area below as it flows.

Skylight FeatureSkylight top view

The Stunning Beauty Of The Onyx Facade

August 2023

The building's facade is almost complete. The reflective nature of the onyx panels shines even in the daytime. When a plane passes by, its reflection on the facade is truly a sight to behold.

Onyx Facade UpPlane Reflection on Onyx Facade

A New Twist in the Building: Spiral Staircase Installed

August 2023

The frame of The Reserve's elegant spiral staircase is installed, thanks to our main contractor's tireless work throughout the night to hoist and connect the individual pieces together!

Hoisting The Reserve's spiral staircase parts

Spiral staircase assembly

Spiral staircase assembly

Spiral staircase assemblySpiral staircase at The Reserve

Onyx Facade Lighting Test

July 2023

As The Reserve's onyx facade installation progresses, our construction team checks the lighting effect periodically to ensure that every LED light strip behind the onyx is lit uniformly to give off a mesmerizing golden glow.

The Reserve's onyx facade lighting test

Video Documentary

July 2023

"Building the World's Highest Capacity Vault" is a video series chronicling the journeys of the people behind the construction of The Reserve.

In Episode 3, Gregor Gregersen retraces the events after Silver Bullion had successfully completed the moving of its vault, The Safe House. Together with Wesley Liew and Jessica Baczkowski, design architects for The Reserve, they explain how this new vaulting facility was designed.

More Onyx for The Reserve's Facade Arrives

June 2023

Installing The Reserve's onyx facade is in full swing! More onyx panels arrive on site and are carefully lifted off the flatbed to be prepped for installation.

These onyx panels do more than look pretty. They allow light to enter the interior during the day, reducing electricity use, and blocking harsh direct sunlight to keep occupants cool, reducing air conditioner usage.

Powering the Future: The Arrival of The Reserve's Generators

May 2023

While Singapore has an excellent electrical grid and blackouts are extremely rare, The Reserve has backup generators as well as generators to backup our backup generators to ensure that the building never loses power. This is the rigour in our contingency planning for assets we protect!

Tonight, our generators arrived in the dead of night and will be lifted to the roof by this massive Transformer-like crane!

Video Documentary

March 2023

"Building the World's Highest Capacity Vault" is a video series chronicling the journeys of the people behind the construction of The Reserve.

In Episode 2 we look deeper into Singapore's jurisdictional advantage, The Safe House, its insurance benefits and its move into The Reserve.

Iconic Details

February 2023

Work on The Reserve's facade is progressing well with nearly all the aluminum panels installed. These panels represent about half of the building's facade with onyx panels making up the remaining half. Installation of the onyx panels will begin in March.

Here is a comparison between the architectural model with The Reserve's facade.

Demolition works for the spiral staircase between levels 4 and 5 have begun after approval of structural strengthening works for this area. When completed, this staircase will connect the wealth management offices and Silver Bullion's office. Here is a comparison between the 3D render with the actual site.

Video Documentary

January 2023

"Building the World's Highest Capacity Vault" is a video series chronicling the journeys of the people behind the construction of The Reserve.

Please enjoy the first episode from this series covering the history and background of the project.

Structural Changes

October 2022

The Reserve is upcycling an existing facility previously used as a logistics hub for electronics products. Compared to building new, this approach saves cost, time and significantly reduces polluting construction emissions.

Ultra high floor loading capacity of 90kn as well as other locational and structural attributes made the existing site and building the ideal candidate to fulfill our ambitious safe storage and logistics requirements.

This month work begun to make the few structural changes required to add some of The Reserve's iconic features such as its floating stair-case connecting the office floors and the grand Silver Cliff, a set of secured glass meeting rooms suspended above the world's largest capacity silver vault.

Visual Mock-Up of the Facade

August 2022

In preparation to install The Reserve's onyx marble façade a visual mock-up was constructed to show-case and test its properties.

The mock-up gives a taste of the intricate aesthetic design The Reserve will bring to life at day and at night, from the outside as well as for its tenants inside.

The façade will become a secondary layer around the building, protecting it's structure from wind and weather, providing insulation from heat and sound as well as adding an additional layer of physical security.