Excellence in service

The Reserve offers specialized work and event spaces for businesses that require additional security and infrastructure around valuable physical and digital assets. It’s a one of its kind facility catering to wealth management, FinTech and asset logistics firms.

  • Silver Bullion
    Silver Bullion

    Silver Bullion provides segregated ownership and collateralization of gold, silver, and platinum and focuses on minimizing storage, counterparty and jurisdictional risks in a manner that traditional financial institutions cannot.

  • The Safe House
    The Safe House

    The Safe House is a highly specialized ISO 9001 certified and bonded (tax-free) vaulting provider offering large scale bullion storage, insured safe deposit boxes, dedicated vaults and bullion authentication.

  • Little Bit
    Little Bit

    Little Bit creates technology solutions for the unique requirements of the bullion and blockchain industries.

  • The Xcess
    The Xcess

    The Xcess is a state-of-the-art watch atelier offering authentication, storage, collateralization and digitization of luxury timepieces.


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